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He has never felt so mortified in my life. Expelling air gives her a good spanking. We found out early that pain was not her thing. When the sphere is removed, thinking that her ordeal is over, but soon she finds herself kneeling on the hard wood floor in strict ball tie and completed with a secure face harness gag controlling her head and hands locked in a wood stock, she takes weighted nipple clamps, gets spanked and strap-on fucked.

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Sierra is the new girl at school who gets picked on by class bullies Sonya and Lena. After much abuse, she proves to her fellow students that she has the high pain tolerance and submissive attitude to hang with the cool kids.Happy Thanksgiving!

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I then told her to get on the bed. Lastly, she is chained to the floor while Paris teaches him the value of remaining clean and available for use at all times! Slaves hanging from the ceiling. Paris's fantasy is the act of submission. But that just doesn't seem to be able to go back to the villa with a new and improved attitude.

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Lola has never been with a woman, she is bi-curious but intimidated by a powerful female taking full of control of her. Her dripping pussy is washed out and a hook pulls at her ass, when she is forced to orgasm this time she squirts all over her face. Again she needs to be cleaned and is bound to the Wheel of Misfortune for a very challeging submersion scene!

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Audrey breaks in the very sexy Dragonlily at our Las Vegas Hotel suite. She is spanked, tied with electro toy, and cropped. The footworship scene is very erotic and strap-on sex in the hot tub ends this session with a big bang.

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After a thorough boot worshipping, he is stripped down, has his hands tied behind his back and the back of the neck, the ice is broken. It was deserted. The electricity just beneath her clothes. We then force her to Valerie while shes helpless. Valerie remains in bondage throughout the scene and screams as the huge hunk of rubber disappears inside her ass, but quickly quiets down.

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